Shooting a video clip with the latest cameras, the best lighting equipment and dealing with the most important directors.
Our company uses the latest montage islands and the best engineers.
Dubbing documentaries and serials into Arabic.
Adjusting the colors of videos using the best devices and the most important artists.
Music composition
and distribution
Composing and distributing series, films and songs in cooperation with the most important artists.
Mixing and
Our company provides acoustic engineering service in cooperation with the most important engineers and the latest acoustic technologies.
Content marketing
and promotion
We provide support for digital content on all social media, in addition to other audio and video media.
Academic training
Relying on the most important academic trainers in training courses and providing internationally accredited certificates.
Contact Us
If you’ve ever contacted us about one of our studios you’ve probably spoken with Hani. His consummate knowledge of our studios & team means that no matter your project, he will be able to take care of your own project and be creative in it .
OFFICE LOCATION 27 OLD Gloucester Street , London , UK Mazza , Damascus , Syria
+(44)7410078179 UK
+(963)933003817 SY