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RealStudioGroup is an official Syrian international company with a commercial registry in the United Kingdom - London , and duly registered in Companies House No. 12429014
We have high-end experiences in filming and directing programs and filmmaking. Our team consists of photographers and directors specialized in filming and directing programs and documentaries.
We are a leading company in filming huge artistic and musical concerts, and conducting interviews, in addition to filming conferences, events, seminars, beauty shows, and others.
We specialize in producing advanced advertisements and promotions that enable you to reach your customers in an attractive and effective manner
Our team
Our team consists of producers, musicians, photographers and filmmakers who work creatively in the field of high quality audio and video productions.
Our official accounts
The greatest asset of the organization is its brand, and we at Real Studio have a proven track record that amounts to uniqueness and distinction due to our approach that focuses on quality of service, and you can visit us on our social media pages to view our services.
company's owner
Music director and arranger Hani Tayfour, owner of Real Studio Group.
A doctor specializing in visual language and music, holding a master's degree in graphics, in addition to being a certified international trainer in the field of content creation.
The company's channel won the silver and gold YouTube shield
Real Studio is proud to have a highly knowledgeable workforce, and relies on a combination of qualitative skills and experience rather than quantity. We also have strong alliances with local and international companies and institutions, where subcontracting relationships add value to expertise, business and productions.